The islands of Tahiti, a gorgeous selection of volcanic islands and atolls strewn lazily across the grand south pacific ocean. Islands that have allured, inspired and enamoured a wide range of visitors.

Early european explorers like Bougainville, Wallis, and Cook could not believe their eyes upon arrival here after months of sea and was like nothing the crews of  those ships could ever have imagined could exist.

Painters, poets, and writers were also early visitors, Paul Gauguin escaped here from Europe twice, and died here. Others were also to find that special peacefulness, light and colour that drives, excites and attrcts creatives minds

There is real ambiance here - from the warmth of the air, scented heavily with tropical flowers through to fiery romantic sunsets that signal the end of another fabulous tahitian day.

These are islands of beauty, of love, and of passion. Each one special in its own unique way, each on worthy of exploration, discovery and enjoyment.

Today's Tahiti is large enough to ensure your travel confort, yet still small enough to ensure that your experience is just as special as those who have been before you.

Maeva !

   " I love Tahiti

                        you can plant a branch one day

                                        and come back the next day to find a flower."

                                                            BOBBY - a local singer


Your connection to TAHITI :


How to Go!!

FAA'A, the international airport of Tahiti, is served by jet connection, linking Tahiti with the west coast of United statesand Canada, Hawaii, France and Europe, New Zealand, australia, Japan,South east of Asia.

International airlines providing these connections include Air france group, Hawaiian airlines, Air New Zealand, Qantas , Lan Cile, Air Caledonie international, Air france and Air Tahiti nui to LAX, Tokyo , Auckland and Sydney