In July 1769, James Cook discovered the art of tatooing together with polynesia. "Men and women paint their own bodies. In their language, they call it Tatau".

With the word Tabu (taboo), it's one of the rare words ever borrowed by the western languages from the reo maohi (the local name of the tahitian language).

As the result they carry an unparalleled suggestive strengh and they let us catch a glimpse of the impactthey may had in the western socities.

While the interest in tatoo was awaking and spreading in western countries, it was vanishing in polynesia under the pressure of the missionaries. From then on tatoo was only restricted to sailmen, became the distinctive mark of bikers and tatooing was also practised in jail......But in the 1980's, it rose again from its ashes, got out of its marginal status and became the emblem of a cultural identity.



The basic Tatoo is approximately 100 US$

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