What to do in Polynesia ? 

                   Sailing                          Surfing                  jet ski,Water sports


Water, water everywhere!

The "king of ocean", the Pacific, is our doorstep. Our sheltered lagoons and deep seas offer the most ideal of conditions for those who enjoy the nautical pleasures in life.

An essential ingredient for serious watersports fanatic is alaways the weather. You could say ours is ideal.

In the lagoon we and our visitors like to dive in the crystal waters with unbelievable clarity, we like to read whilst the lagoon laps at our ankles, or windsurf, or enjoy the fun of outrigger canoe.

We have scuba diving that attracts the best divers in the world, and surf that challenges the world's top surfers.

At sea, you'll understand the magic that draws big game fishing addicts from all over, and sail under our famous tradewinds.

Our sea is fine, come on in.........


             Deep sea fishing                  Diving                       Windsurfing


     The Outrigger canoe


The outrigger canoe is the sport by excellence of the polynesian, that they are from Hawaii, New Zealand or Easter island by passing to Samoa, Tonga, and Cook islands, etc..

Each year there are two major races in the polynesian triangle:

The race of Molokaļ in Hawaii               

The Hawaiki va'a in French polynesia    

These two races unleash the passions and rivalries between all polynesian teams.

The race of  French polynesia unfolds on three days between the island of Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa  and the island of Bora Bora.




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