The first "roulotte" (mobile snack bar) appeared in Tahiti by the ferry-wharf in the
seventies, approximately 30 years aga. At that time, a Chinese man, called Michou, had
understood the expectations of local workers who waited on their work site for the mobi-
le food caterer to pass by for the mid-morning food break.
The first "roulotte" speciaLised in crêpes was invented by René, a fellow from Brittany,
who worked in the Navy. Very quickly, in the eighties, as this activity proved profitable,
the "roulottes" spread out from the Navy Base until the square today called Vaiete
Nowadays, almost everywhere around the island of Tahiti, and especially at Vaiete
Square, along the seo front of Papeete, it is possible to find these mobile snack bars
where whole famiLies corne to have dinner. ALI tas tes are represented: pizzas, Chinese
meals, crêpes, steak and French fries or fish specials: this is a good idea if you want to
eat cheaply in a typically Polynesian setting.
Each "roulotte" boasts some personal decoration which almost turns it into a Little res-
taurant. "Les roulottes" attract customers with their fine cuisine oromos or with the
cheerful mood of their owners.
Maybe you will be lucky enough to dine to the sounds of the ukulele and Polynesian
sangs. At reasonable prices, and considering the size of the servings of such deLicious
dishes, you cannot but have a very good time.
The locals, whatever their social class, enjoy dining there in the evening. And when visi-
ting Polynesia, be sure to have a meal at these Little restaurants. This is a place where
cuisines from the four corners of the world meet. What will you have for dinner: Chao
Men, pizza, raw fish salad, crêpes or kebabs?