MOUNTAIN  HIKING                                               

Majestic, magnificent and monumental rugged mountains reach for the sky at angles only the polynesian gods can explain. The islands of Tahiti are truly amazing landforms.

Hike into lush vegetation high above the lagoons and bays and explore spectacular valleys, cool off under mighty waterfalls, or view the pacific from great heights.

Safari into island interiors in a 4x4 vehicle, past plantations, throught streams, and up into another world. Take a bicycle, rental car, scooter or coach and follow the fortunes of one of the scenic circle island roads.

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                    Hut -  altitude of 3400 feet                               your devoted crossing a hard point  (devil passage)

The higher peak of Tahiti is the mount OROHENA - 7030 feet.

In geological term , Tahiti is a Caldeira. The ancient cratere of Tahiti island collapses, and now the main valley is the valley of Papenoo, with the Papenoo river

A few km inland of Papeete is the famous Bain Loti (Loti's Bath or Pool). Pierre Loti's 1880 novel The Marriage of Loti had the hero and the beautiful Rarahu meet at this pool in the verdant surrounds of the Fautaua River. It's no longer the bucolic scene of Pierre Loti's days but it's still a pleasant place and a favourite swimming spot for locals, and Pierre's bust oversees all. Tahiti's lush and rugged interior offers endless possibilities for walkers and mountain climbers, from the leisurely to the very strenuous, and reveals a landscape of soaring peaks that rise to Mt Orohena at 2241m. There are also plateaus, waterfalls, lava tubes and Polynesian relics    For more details, booking ,etc..


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